About Us

HistoryMaker began after our Senior Pastors Benny and Sharon had many significant encounters with God. Out of those God-encounters, HistoryMaker Church began.
We believe our name is our mandate! 
We are called to be relevant and represent HIS STORY 

Service times:

Sunday 9.30am

Kawana State College,
Sportsmans Parade Bokarina QLD

Due to Current COVID-19 OUTBREAK, meetings are held online here


Meet Benny & Sharon Tan

HistoryMaker Australia’s Senior Pastors

Benny and Sharon have a unique love for God and family! Together they have dedicated their lives to serving God, raising a Godly family and Pastoring churches.

Wherever they go, they build faith, impart vision, inspire leaders, and mobilize believers to live for the cause of Jesus Christ

Meet Benny

HistoryMaker Australia’s Senior Pastors

Benny is an inspiring communicator with a cheeky sense of humour.

He is both entertaining and Biblically solid.  Benny has devoted his life to connecting people to God and to their unique callings. Benny has authored numerous books that have gone into prisons and many different Nations.

Meet Sharon

HistoryMaker Australia’s Senior Pastor

Sharon has a unique ability to locate people’s hearts and speak God’s word directly into their lives. Sharon is also a certified Life Coach.

Sharon translates Biblical truths into transformational lifestyle Christ-centered principles that empower generational change.  Sharon also frequently speaks on Christian radio.

Sharon is also an international best-selling author of a book called “Legacy Living” that has globally reached many.

Locally and globally people’s lives have been changed through this dynamic Godly couple.

  • In recognition of their life changing community work in the Far North of New Zealand they were awarded a scholarship by the Australian Government to visit and study churches of Australia.
  • In 1996 a documentary on their ministry was produced and repeatedly aired on New Zealand national television.
  • Benny and Sharon have over 40 years of experience as Pastors.
  • Benny and Sharon were married in 1975. They have six adult children, nine grandchildren, and counting

    Benny and Sharon together and individually are both inspirational, faith-building authors and Pastors.

    History Maker's Statement of Faith

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